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The Small Projects Team

There is a huge number of humanitarian micro-projects in Ukraine, often created by individuals, sometimes victims themselves, in response to an emergency or a specific need. These projects are often not structured as an organisation and have little access to funds outside of the first circles of acquaintances. If today social networks can help these initiatives to acquire a certain visibility, it remains very difficult for them to make themselves known and to receive aid, notably due to the desire of donors to ensure that their funds are used on the ground. The Small Projects Team's mission is to create immediate impact projects directly with the beneficiaries. We collect financial and in-kind donations and manage the entire logistics process, right down to the last mile. We guarantee our donors accurate and transparent reporting on the use of funds in the field.

  • Recognized association of general interest

  • ...And 100% volunteer

  • The donations you make entitle you to an income tax reduction in France equal to 66 % of the amount paid within the limit of 20 % of taxable income.

  • TSPF relies solely on volunteers and donates 100% of your donations.

The Small Projects Team was set up by international volunteers in the Ukraine, Poland and France. Its mission is to have a direct and rapid humanitarian impact by creating and running field projects and providing donors with detailed monitoring and reporting on the impact of their donations. We work on projects with budgets of up to the equivalent of €25,000. These projects can cover a wide range of sectors (children, evacuations, medical, etc.) and can also involve entrepreneurial projects as part of the reconstruction of affected areas. In all our actions, we subscribe to the fundamental values of humanitarianism, and are non-religious, independent and non-political.

We aim to bring speed and transparency to humanitarian financial flows. Our project selection process is strict and we ensure the legitimacy of the projects to avoid any form of scam. Once the funds are received, they are sent to the field as quickly as possible. We then obtain the expenditure tables with supporting documents, which we integrate into illustrated reports communicated to our donors.

We guarantee project leaders a detailed study of their needs, and sympathetic support throughout the application process. Once the application is complete, we guarantee a decision within 3 days. In the same spirit, we guarantee our donors that their funds will be sent to the field as quickly as possible to maximise their impact, if necessary with the help of partners that we have carefully selected. Our organisation is 100% voluntary and all funds raised are paid back to the beneficiaries. 

Let's get to know

Our team

Charles Tiné

Montreal, Canada

Charles is French, he is an entrepreneur in the tech sector and has lived in Montreal for 6 years. He was involved in supporting refugees from the start of the war in Ukraine, first in Przemysl, at the Tesco refugee center, then in Lviv. He is the founder of The Small Projects Fund.

Magda Masquelier

Peillonnex, France

Magda is co-founder of The Small Projects Team. She is actively involved in the association's humanitarian mission, and trained as a lawyer. The mother of three boys and a keen hiker, she is active, tenacious, committed and optimistic, with a real faith in human beings.

Tomek Loch

Katowice, Poland

Tomek has a Master's degree in Economics and has been working as a volunteer for several humanitarian projects since 1990. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he has been helping refugees and victims in both Poland and Ukraine and organising humanitarian transport for injured people to receive treatment in the EU.

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The Small Projects Team is a non-profit humanitarian association registered in France.

RNA NUMBER : W781009595