Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

On 25 March 2022, a convoy of three 9-seater vans reserved for Ukrainian refugees left for the Poland/Ukraine border at Medyka. A total of 18 places were available for refugees who had just crossed the border and wanted to come and settle in France. In order not to leave empty-handed, we contacted the association Action Santé Femmes, which needed to send equipment as well as a gynaecologist and a midwife to set up a medical and gynaecological post at the refugee centre in Przemysl (Tesco).

On 31 March 2022, physically and psychologically tired, 18 Ukrainian refugees arrived in France, where they were warmly welcomed after a long 1800km journey by their host families and the Deputy Mayor of the town of Haisnes, Sébastien Decarpentry. Each family received €300 thanks to a donation collection organised by Pierre Yves Bailly, the entrepreneur who initiated the convoy. A payment of €10,000 was also made to the Haisnes town hall to complete the adaptation of the renovated social housing. The PSF association was able to benefit from a donation of 1000€ which was entirely used to organise another convoy. After 6 months 16 people are still living in the commune and 2 have returned to Ukraine, thanks to the solidarity of the host families who helped them to settle.

The Small Projects Team is a non-profit humanitarian association registered in France.

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