Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

We have completed the first phase of our programme to distribute PCs to children in the Kharkiv Oblast. With our partners in France (Action Numérique Solidaire - https://actionnumeriquesolidaire.org/) and in Ukraine (Adults for Children - http://adultsforchildren.taplink.ws), and with the logistical support of the French Protection Civile, we have helped dozens of children to continue their schooling, particularly at a distance.

The needs are immense, and it has been difficult to select beneficiaries from all the requests received from large families, families in very precarious circumstances, family orphanages and schools with inadequate IT equipment. We will be continuing this programme with a monthly delivery, but we need help, both in terms of computer equipment and financial donations to transport the equipment and purchase Ukrainian-language keyboards.

Many companies renew their computer fleets every year. You can help us by asking your colleagues and friends, and by putting us in touch with any IT managers who may have equipment to donate.

Thank you in advance!

Sharing this page on your social networks is already helping us!

The Small Projects Team is a non-profit humanitarian association registered in France.

RNA NUMBER : W781009595