Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

Many people regularly ask us about our name and our baseline "Micro-humanitarian instant impact". Here's an example that illustrates our DNA: once funds are received, they are used almost immediately and aid is delivered quickly.

Today, we applied this principle to a project to send over 1,000 children's books to 4 Ukrainian regions. Here are a few photos of one of these distributions, to show you the impact of the money you entrust to us.

We are all volunteers, we have no overheads, and the 4,000 euros raised for this project were used entirely and quickly to help the children escape the war through reading. They are currently living in a centre for IDPs in Pervomaiskyi, which is home to more than 250 families displaced from the frontline areas.

Thank you to the team from our partner in Kharkiv, the NGO Adults for Children (https://www.facebook.com/nazard.dityam), for delivery to children, and the Stary Lev publishing house in Lviv (https://starylev.com.ua/about-us), who create these beautiful books.

Thank you to all our donors for allowing us to bring a smile to their faces and help them get away from it all.

Note on the photos We'd much rather leave our beneficiaries in peace without showing their difficult situations, but sometimes it's useful to show the world the faces of reality. It also helps us to make people more receptive to our appeal for donations by having a clear vision of the direct impact of their actions, because we need money to continue helping! Of course, permission to use the children's photos has been sought from each of the families.

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