Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

In parallel with our specific projects (see https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IQuQTztxcAwBgmgsRtW9YkIuXEYKdSAe/view?usp=drivesdk), and under the responsibility of Thierry Feret who coordinates all our operations on the ground, we have been managing a complete supply chain from Poland to Ukraine for months. 

From three warehouses, two in Przemysl (Poland) and one in Lviv (Ukraine), we ensure the daily delivery of the humanitarian aid we receive from France and several other European countries.

To achieve this, we work with a number of partner associations which collect donations locally from individuals and companies. This aid is transported across Europe in vans driven by volunteers or using the services of road transport companies. For security and insurance reasons, the vast majority of this material is delivered to us on the Polish side of the border, where it is stored in our main warehouse. 

Then comes the preparation and sorting of parcels and pallets for their final destinations, customs formalities, border crossing and arrival in our Lviv facilities. From there, our convoys will deliver throughout Ukraine with two strict rules: we only deliver to civilian populations and we do not go within 30km of the front lines.

We manage ourselves the identification of the final beneficiaries to whom we deliver either directly or via partners that we have chosen for the most part from the beginning of the war, according to strict criteria of transparency, ethics and reporting quality. We also deliver to locations precisely specified by our donors (e.g. Rotary or the Vendée Ukraine Association) and verified beforehand by our teams.

The aid we distribute often has a significant financial value, and one of our trademarks is to manage the entire distribution chain to avoid any diversion.

A few figures to illustrate the impact of this daily work: last month, Thierry and his team drove nearly 10,000km, visited 28 villages in 7 regions, and distributed more than 25 tons of aid that will reach nearly 20,000 final beneficiaries. 

This aid is very varied: it ranges from powdered milk (12 tons donated this week by a French producer) to generators or wheelchairs, as well as 6,000 pairs of socks, nappies, food, more than 300 medical beds, children's books and almost 1,000 washable sanitary towels!

All this can only be done with your help.

Today we are raising funds to strengthen our teams, with more trucks, more drivers and more storage space. We are specifically looking for 10,000 euros for the purchase of a new 20 cubic meters truck.

Thank you!

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The Small Projects Team is a non-profit humanitarian association registered in France.

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