Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

When the Russians left the occupied villages, they systematically burnt all Ukrainian-language books. The situation after 14 months of war is very precarious: tens of thousands of children have no access to children's books, schools and hospitals have no public funding, and in the internal refugee centres access to books is very limited.

More than 100 Ukrainian villages that were initially occupied have gradually been liberated, and it is mainly these that you are proposing to help. They are located between Kyiv and the Belarus border, and around Kharkiv, Mykolaïv and Kherson.

We have carried out numerous humanitarian missions there, and are in direct contact with the authorities, families, institutions and local organisations.

Our aim is to distribute more than 1,000 books.

For this programme, we will be sourcing in Ukraine, thereby helping to support the local economy. The Ukrainian publishing sector has suffered greatly since the start of the war. We will be playing our part in its resilience. We have negotiated the best prices directly with a reputable Ukrainian publisher in order to optimise the number of books available for children.

After evaluating several publishers, we chose Stary Lev (https://starylev.com.ua) for the quality of its publications, which are recognised throughout the world and have won numerous international awards. They have taken a particularly interesting approach, publishing books for children about the war and the suffering they can experience during this very difficult period.

In consultation with Stary Lev, we will be compiling a list of quality children's books, bearing in mind their educational value. Each piece of content will be carefully considered, taking into account the needs of children from an early age through to adolescence.

With our own logistics chainWe take care of the entire process, from purchasing to final delivery to the beneficiaries. This gives us optimum control, guarantees total transparency and protects us from theft, misunderstandings and corruption. Our experience in the field has been proven and recognised since the beginning of the war.

Offering children books means giving them a chance to escape, which is essential in a country at war. It means playing an active part in their education, but also in their well-being. Reading is about dreaming, reinventing the fairytale world, but it's also about learning and understanding the world around us.

Examples of books distributed

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