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🇺🇦🦿In Ukraine, the invasion has left a huge number of people with serious physical and psychological injuries, including amputations. The figures are staggering, with some sources suggesting that there have been almost 100,000 amputations since February 2022.

🏥 Leading organisations are on the ground to help these victims, Protez Hub, Unbroken, Superhumans and many others less well known but just as impactful in their own communities.

⚽️ We want to be part of this effort and believe that sport, and amputee football in particular, could have a major impact on physical and psychological rehabilitation. The idea came about after we met Bogdan Melnyk a year ago. Bogdan is the coach of the Pokrova (https://www.instagram.com/pokrova_lviv_amp_football/)the first amputee football team to be set up in Ukraine, in Lviv.

Amputee football is not just a sport, it can create a long-term dynamic for many people who have lost a limb in conflict. As well as the physical benefits, such as improved mobility and strength, it can be a vital outlet for mental well-being, fostering camaraderie, confidence and a sense of purpose and achievement.

📣 We're launching today, in collaboration with the Ukrainian Amputee Football Association, a new programme to fund the creation of an amputee football club in each of the country's regions. The annual budget per team is between €25,000 and €35,000.

🏆 Through the training of coaches and players, competitions and community involvement, these teams will become role models. They will initiate the development of this sport in their regions, oversee the creation of other teams in other towns and villages, and pave the way for the creation of a Ukrainian amputee football championship in 2025.

This championship will not only showcase the talent and determination of the athletes, but will also promote inclusion and unity within Ukrainian society.

As well as the human impact, we have a sporting ambition: to see the Ukrainian national amputee football team take part in, and why not, win the Amputee Football World Cup in 2026. Over and above sport, such an achievement would symbolise triumph over adversity, demonstrating the indestructible spirit of the Ukrainian people.

Before that, in a month's time, France will host the European Championship in Evian, from 1 to 8 June. The opening match will pit hosts France against... Ukraine. We'll be with the team throughout the competition, and you can follow their exploits day by day on our WhatsApp channel (https://whatsapp.com/channel/0029VaZJD8P1NCrWSeVTGT3e).

As we embark on this journey, we invite individuals and organisations motivated by this mission to join us. A presentation pack is available for donors, and an online form is available for clubs wishing to present their plans to create an ampfootball team. 

Together, let's build a future where everyone, whatever their abilities, has the opportunity to flourish and excel.

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Meet the Ukrainian AmpFoot team!

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