Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

As part of our programme to create libraries in shelters for displaced children and in hospitals, we have been able to provide books in many regions of Ukraine. After analysing the feedback from our local partners, it became clear to us that it would be very positive to be able to add board games in Ukrainian to these books.

A few basic toys are sometimes available on the shelves alongside our books, but there are no games to create social links. Board games are never included in the donations received by these institutions.

By complementing our book distributions in this way, we hope to create moments of joy and connection that are invaluable to these courageous young minds. Your support, however small, can really make a difference. For as little as €5, you can help us provide a new game and spread smiles where they're needed most.

The budget

The pack of 12 games adapted to different ages represents a budget of €100 per distribution location. The games come from a local retailer and will be delivered directly to the final destination: hospitals, shelters and schools. Together, they can provide hours of play for up to 60 children simultaneously.

Our first partner

💪 This project is being launched thanks to one of our most loyal partners, the Californian company Just Answer, which has been a tireless supporter of Ukraine, continuing to create jobs there despite the war. Thanks to Andy and Sara Kurtzig, we will be able to provide dozens of centres (IDP shelters, orphanages and hospitals) in the Oblasts of Kherson and Ivankiv). Thank you ❤️.


Thank you for supporting us in this new initiative!

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