Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

The last few weeks have been busy, with the continuation of a number of projects, particularly for children. We have been able to equip with board games 7 new organisations in Kherson oblast. This time, the games were distributed in classes for children with disabilities, as well as in a library in Kherson.

Several hundred children have been able to have fun together and discover new challenges since the programme was launched 2 months ago. The feedback from the field is very positive and we are going to continue this programme, which is having a very positive impact. At the same time, we will soon be creating new micro-libraries for children in several new locations across the country.

As for our computer programme, it is continuing and even accelerating. We are going to take in the coming days delivery to Paris of 120 computers, our biggest donation to date. As in recent months, most of the computers will be distributed to families in the Kharkiv region whose children have to attend classes at home because of the closure of schools. A number will also be used to equip air raid shelters in the Kherson region and schools in Ivankiv oblast. 

Finally, on another level, thepower outages continuing since the bombing of several power stations, we are continuing to deliver powerbank/flashlight kits to the Kharkiv and Kherson regions.

None of these programmes would be possible without the participation of our great partners: Action Numérique Solidaire (actionnumeriquesolidaire.org)Union of Help to Kherson (biz.ks.ua), Adults for Children (Kharkiv - adultsforchildren.taplink.ws) the Civil Protection (protection-civile.org)and our friend Tomasz Loch.

A major part of our efforts over the coming weeks will be devoted to our new amputee football development project in Ukraine. Ambitious and impactful, it combines inclusion, sport, rehabilitation and help for ex-servicemen. It is described on our website https://thesmallprojects.org/en/ampfoot and we'll be coming back to this very soon. 

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