Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

Untiringly, without faltering, without experiencing "Ukraine fatigue", we continue to help the Ukrainian population according to the priorities on the ground. The massive bombardment of Ukrainian power stations by the Russian army has prompted us to step up our power bank distribution programme. After several deliveries in the Kherson oblast, in collaboration with our friends from the Union of Help to Kherson (biz.ks.ua), we are beginning to extend this programme to the Kharkiv oblast, which has been hit constantly in recent weeks, and to allocate a new budget to it.

These operations have a direct impact on the populations concerned. They enable pupils to continue their studies online, families to stay in touch and reassure each other after strikes, and elderly people living alone at home to communicate with their families. It is this last category that we focused on for this first delivery near Kharkiv, with our friends from the local NGO Adults for Children (https://adultsforchildren.taplink.ws/) and with the invaluable help of Union of Help to Kherson.

As usual, we carefully study the characteristics of the items we buy, in collaboration with trusted suppliers in Ukraine. For this programme, a 20,000 mAh fast-charging portable charger costs us 5 euros and an LED light 2 euros. 

Just 7 euros can make a difference to someone's daily life. Help us to do more, as we are currently raising further funds for this programme, perfectly in line with our slogan "with a little we can do a lot".

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