Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

🚸 The 3rd phase of our programme to support pupils in Kharkiv has just been completed, with dozens of computers distributed in the city and surrounding villages. 

Conditions on the ground are increasingly difficult, with daily bombardments by the Russian army. The distribution teams have to be extra careful to reach our beneficiaries in certain villages. The last PC in this phase was delivered on 21 March, the day before the region's main power station was destroyed. 

Over and above the help provided by these PCs for the children's schooling, the sign that we, in France, Canada and around the world, are not giving up and are continuing to stand by them is important for the population, whose morale has been at its lowest for months.

❤️ Thanks to our partners Adults for Children (@adults_for_children – http://adultsforchildren.taplink.ws)which selects priority families from the hundreds of applications we receive, Action Numérique Solidaire and Régis Harpocrate (https://actionnumeriquesolidaire.org)who manage the reconditioning of the PCs and supply them to us, Agir Ensemble pour l'Ukraine (aepu.eu) and Sylvain Grenot for their immense logistical help. Without them, these distributions would not be possible. 

The 4th distribution is scheduled for June. Thank you all for continuing to support us with your encouragement and financial assistance.

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