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All our projects are funded by your donations. Thanks to you, we were able to deliver 700 holiday gifts to Ukrainian children. 

Thank you for your support!

Purpose of the project

With Christmas approaching, our team undertook a large-scale project to bring a smile to the faces of Ukrainian children for the holidays. With the participation of the association Docteur Hibou, whose volunteers made bags, puppets and cushions, and Kukuryku, a board game publisher based in Czestochowa, Poland, we were able to finance the 250 gift bags for children in the Ivankiv and Mykolaïv regions, and to co-finance 450 others bags.


We organized the logistics for the delivery of the gifts, the liaison with our staff, and we managed the translations of the board games rules.

A total of 700 children, 600 in the Ivankiv region and 100 around Mikolayv, received a bag. These included pencils, board games, an insulated bottle, a torch, soft toys and puppet kits, sweets and reflective bracelets.


Our volunteer Tomek and his wife Anna distributed the gifts during the Orthodox Christmas, from 5 to 7 January. They both travelled around the Ivankiv area, as they felt that the distribution would be safer this way. The mayor of Ivankiv and the deputy were also able to be present at the distribution. 

We also organised a distribution in the Mikolayv region, with the help of the Ukrainian NGO Children victims of the war

Thank you to all participants !

The Small Projects Fund financed a total of €2000 for this project. The rest was funded by the Food Bank of Poland and private donors.

We would like to thank all the participants for helping us to bring a little human warmth to Ukrainian children during the Holiday season!



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