Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

On October 19th, 2022, our association was contacted by representatives of Makariv.

This city, located about 30 km from Kyiv, suffered significant damage: 40% of the city, which before the war was home to 15,000 people, was destroyed and many civilians were killed.

The community fears the arrival of winter.
Today, with the cold weather approaching, many families have lost their means of subsistence, and a large number of educational, medical and administrative institutions are no longer able to provide the population with vital services.

We want to finance at least 10 wood stoves which will be installed in schools and collective establishments, for a cost of 2500€.

In addition to the stoves, we will try, depending on the donations, to participate in the purchase of a certain number of things needed by this community. Here is the exhaustive list:

  • heating elements, with solid fuel cookers, preferably with a cooking zone, power from 10 to 35 kW – 100 units
  • stacks of multilayer pipes for heat generators
  • gasoline electric generators from 5.5 to 15 kW – 50 units
  • 20 kW diesel generators – 2 units
  • inverter generators 3-6 kW – 5 units
  • solar batteries, mobile for 1-2 sections with appropriate equipment 0.5-1 kW
  • thermal insulation mattress (50, 100 mm) – 2000 m2
  • professional installation foam – 1,200 cylinders firewood, hardwood (cut): 100,000 m3

Thank you everyone for your help !

For more information on this subject, please click on this link.

Our impact


Wood burning stoves


that will be spent in Ukraine

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