Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

Our last convoy to Ukraine has just finished. More than 20m3 of humanitarian aid collected by French NGOs Les Convois d'Irina (https://www.lesconvoisdirina.fr) and Agir Ensemble pour l'Ukraine (https://aepu.eu). Many thanks to Emilie Loisel and Sylvain Grenot for their trust in us, and for the excellent collaboration between France, Poland and Ukraine. Thanks also to Luc Boronat. Without his generosity, we wouldn't have been able to buy our new truck!

This aid, intended for those affected by the floods linked to the destruction of the Kakhovka dam, will start to be delivered on Monday thanks to our local partner Kate Zhuzha and her NGO Union of help to Kherson (http://biz.ks.ua).

Things were quite complicated for us this time, with a truck whose gearbox failed in the middle of Poland!

Fortunately, Igor Wisniewski and his team-mates Guillaume Texier and Ludovic Ducrotoy were only a few kilometres away from our logistics manager in Poland/Ukraine, Tomasz Loch, who was able to deal with the emergency repairs in Katowice and take over the delivery of everything.

Our lorry was finally able to cross the Ukrainian border last Thursday, a week late and 2,500 euros in unforeseen costs...

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Thanks in advance!

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