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Nikopol, a town separated from the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant by the Dnieper River, has been under regular threat of bombing since early August. Faced with this difficult situation, 80% of Nikopol's population has left.

Nikopol, a frontline stronghold, is one of the many cities in Ukraine without water and electricity following the massive blackouts happening through the country.

We started our wood stove delivery programme with Makarivwhere we equipped 15 "invincibility points". These centres, set up by the Ukrainian authorities in many cities, are open free of charge, 24/7, to allow the population to warm up, to charge their phones, and to have access to the internet and pharmacies.

As a continuation of the project, 8 December 8th, two large ready-to-use stoves were delivered to two schools in Nikopol, for a total amount of 3500€, entirely funded by your donations.

Soon, thanks to your donations, the town of Kryvyj Rih will also beneficial from the same programme. To be continued!

Thank you very much for your generosity.

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