Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

On 8 May, we were contacted by Konrad, living in Kharkiv where his house was destroyed. 

He had to urgently find an evacuation plan for his wife and son because the Kharkiv region had become very dangerous. 

On July 3rd, Polonaises Sans Frontières, in collaboration with M'sieur Patate and the association Les Patates du Cœur, organized a convoy from the south of Krakow to Paris. 

On July 4th, the family reached Paris. Not having found a transport solution to Toulouse, where the family wanted to settle, they will definitely stop in Paris, where they have found accommodation as well as the necessary help for the registration formalities and the payment of their first expenses. 

Today Konrad's family lives in independent accommodation, their son attends a French school, Konrad works, and Irina is trying to set up her activity as a photographer.

The Small Projects Team is a non-profit humanitarian association registered in France.

RNA NUMBER : W781009595