Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

Christmas is coming, and for some children it will be very different from the previous ones. According to Unicef, one month into the conflict, 4.3 million children - more than half of the 7.5 million - have been displaced, including 1.8 million outside Ukraine. Before the war, Ukraine had the largest number of children in the system in Europe, at least 100,000 according to UNHCR, in a vast network of orphanages, boarding schools, or institutions for the disabled (read the report by France-Info). This number has exploded since the beginning of the conflict. We were able to meet with orphanage managers, who explained that the saturation of the system had made it impossible to accommodate war orphans in existing structures. Ukraine now depends on neighbouring countries to take care of these orphans.

As the holiday season approaches, we want to bring some joy to these children. Therefore, we are going to launch the production of 200 Christmas bundles, which we will send to two orphanages located in the liberated areas. The bundles will have different contents depending on the age of the children. They will contain board games, toys, teddy bears, coloring pencils, etc.

As with all our projects, we follow up from departure to arrival and distribution, with photos at each stage. We prefer to buy locally in Ukraine. We also have a good logistical network in Poland. We will choose small orphanages to ensure that each child receives their gift.

We are going to launch the first production with our own funds, but we need your help to expand this project to reach, and maybe exceed, 400 bundles. 

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Our impact

3 000

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children's smiles

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