Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

We are delighted to be launching a new project to create micro libraries in centres for displaced people in Ukraine.

There are a large number of centres for internally displaced people, particularly in western Ukraine, many of which are small structures set up and run by volunteers, housing a few dozen people evacuated fromThey stay in sensitive and dangerous areas for a limited period of time. They generally stay for one or two weeks until they find a permanent accommodation solution.

These centres welcome families with children of all ages and are often equipped with a playroom, but we found that children's books are still in short supply. The reason is quite simple: these centres are often supported by small international humanitarian NGOs, which provide equipment and games from all over the world, but have no books in Ukrainian to donate.

To make up for this shortfall, we decided to help set up small libraries in these centres. These projects are simple to organise, inexpensive and have an immediate impact, which we were able to see for ourselves during the first distribution in a centre in Lviv.

A medium-sized centre is provided with around fifty books, all different, divided into 3 age categories. The cost is very reasonable, thanks to our partnership with the Ukrainian publishing house Stary Lev (https://starylev.com.ua/): 250 to 300 euros per centre.

We would like to thank the Californian company JustAnswerwho gave us the initial donation that enabled us to launch this programme. The commitment to Ukraine of its founder and his wife, whom we were lucky enough to meet in New York recently, gives us extra energy. People like that inspire us.

A few words about the organisation that runs the first centre we are helping, the Voznytskyi Foundation (https://snpcenterua.com/shelter-for-idps/https://snpcenterua.com/shelter-for-idps/). From the very first days of the large-scale invasion, this foundation helped evacuate people from the front line to Lviv, as well as to Poland and other European countries. They were among the first to coordinate the work of private shelters in Lviv, and then set up their own refugee accommodation centre. It is called the 'Support and Protection Centre' and accommodates 60 people at a time, with around 250 to 300 people passing through the centre each month.

We invite you to take part in this initiative and develop this programme with us.


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