Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

Our partners are wonderful. The initiative of Iryna Orshak and her NGO CF "Volunteering and Help Center" (vdc.in.ua) has touched all the members of our team. To underline our constant commitment over the last 2 years and to thank us for the development of the projects we have built together, they took the initiative of planting a tree in our name in the central square of Kramatorsk.

This initiative is part of an overall environmental project to reforest the town. 

It is moving to know that we will be present in this way, for many years to come, and that this tree will see Ukraine regain its peace and freedom. 

Having this tree in Kramatorsk is particularly symbolic for us. This town, now a major hub of military resistance, was one of the martyred towns in the first weeks of the invasion, with the bombing of the railway station, which killed more than 50 people on 8 April 2022. 

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