Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

The 3rd phase of our "radiators" project is underway, with the delivery of 190 radiators to various medical and charitable organisations in Lviv.

Brand new towel rails, which provide comfort for hospitalised patients, especially in the cold, have already been delivered to St Panteleimon hospital. Part of this aid will go to UNBROKEN, one of the leading rehabilitation centres for amputees in Ukraine (unbroken.org.ua) for their new building currently under development, at St. Luke's Hospital, and the National Rehabilitation Centre Дитяча Лікарня Святого Миколая

This operation was made possible thanks to a donation from the Italian manufacturer IRSAP (irsap.com), which has donated a total of almost 1,000 radiators since February 2022, and the Ukrainian NGO Volunteering and Help Center (vdc.in.ua), which took charge of transport from Italy.

A further 34 heaters have been entrusted to this organisation for the IDP centres they manage in western Ukraine.

We are delighted to be able to count on such trusted partners, who have been helping us to maximise the effectiveness of our actions since the large-scale invasion began.

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