Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

As part of our search for solutions to help the population as winter approaches, we contacted the Italian company IRSAPWe are very grateful to the manufacturer of radiators who has generously offered to donate almost a thousand new radiators.

Tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed since the war began and are already being rebuilt. The resilience of Ukrainian citizens and their determination to erase the traces of the conflict in the liberated regions as quickly as possible are producing miracles. Entire neighbourhoods ravaged by the fighting are gradually coming back to life. It is in this context of permanent reconstruction that our participation takes place.

However, this reconstruction has less glorious facets: theft, an endemic evil of any conflict, which targets humanitarian aid deliveries every day, and unfortunately a deep-seated evil of Ukrainian society that should not be underestimated, corruption. In this context, our challenge is twofold: to avoid theft by storing the radiators in a fully secure warehouse controlled by trusted partners, and to secure their distribution and the selection of beneficiaries, to prevent them from ending up on the black market.

Our network allows us to confidently choose who we will give these valuable radiators to, direct them to municipalities run by elected officials of integrity and entrust them to honest contractors.

For this project we need your financial support for the transport of 3 semi-trailers from Italy to Poland and then to Ukraine. We would also like to pay for the fuel for the convoys that will collect the radiators and deliver them directly to the beneficiaries.

We will split this project into 3 phases, one truck at a time. The total budget for the whole project is 3 x 4000 euros, plus 3000 euros for the gasoline of the last mile delivery. This budget also includes some expenses for securing the warehouse.

It is thanks to the generosity of companies like IRSAP that we can be effective. Besides your donations, you can also help us if you have goods to donate. Contact us for a list of needs in the field or if you can put us in touch with companies that may be able to help us.

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Our impact

15 000

euros, exclusively for the cost of transport


households helped so they can fix their homes

The Small Projects Team is a non-profit humanitarian association registered in France.

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