Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

We need your help

Thank you for contributing to the first two parts of this project, which resulted in the delivery of a total of 680 radiators in Ukraine!

We need your donations again to start the third part of this project! With your donations we will be able to continue to deliver radiators to the liberated areas of Ukraine.

First convoy

On December 3rd 2022, we received a shipment of radiators. We delivered 320 of them , by rail on December 30th 2022 in the Kharkiv region. This project possible thanks to the donations from the Italian company IRSAP, our volunteers and the Ukrainian Railways.

For this convoy, The Small Projects Fund financed the delivery to the Polish border, up to 2300€, as well as the rental of the locomotive and the transport from our warehouses up to 800€. 

Second convoy

The second stage of this project took place at the end of January. We worked with the same partners, and Karol Gajdzik, the organiser of the railway transport. As a result, we were able to deliver 360 radiators to the Kharkiv region.

On this second convoy, delivery was made possible thanks to the generosity of IRSAP and Ukrainian Railways. Your donations also contributed €650 for the rental of the locomotive. 

The Makarenko railway station, damaged by the bombing, has been equipped. The NGO Protection for the sake of victory, also received 140 heaters, which were distributed around Zolochiv and in the liberated areas.

Third convoy

We will be organizing the transport of a third convoy of radiators in Ukraine in the next few weeks. We need your support to be able to fund it 

We thank you for your generosity which allows us to bring a valuable contribution to Ukraine!


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