Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

As we announced in one of our previous articles, we have received an important donation of almost 1000 hydraulic and electric radiators from the Italian manufacturer IRSAPIn order to transport and distribute these radiators in the best possible conditions, an efficient logistics chain had to be put in place. In particular, we had to find at least Three 38-tonne semi-trailers capable of transporting the load in the snow over 1400km and a warehouse in Przemysl, setting up the management of the border crossing between Poland and Ukraine and a network of partners on the ground to enable us to reach our beneficiaries. The first truck arrived on 3 December in Przemysl where everything had been planned: an initial storage warehouse and vans to reach another warehouse in Lviv. However, the weather and van problems forced us to change everything at the last minute. In the end, thanks to a partnership with the Ukrainian Railways Division, the radiators will be transported by train from West to East across Ukraine to their final destinations. They will be used to equip stations destroyed by the Russian army and currently being rebuilt in the east of the country. 

Here are some pictures of their departure from Italy and their arrival in Przemysl, while waiting for the next part in a few days, i.e. the loading in the wagon provided to us in Medyka which will join a regular train Przemysl-Kharkiv and the arrival at destination.

None of this would have been possible without the collaboration of Thierry Feret,who has been working in Przemysl since the beginning of the war. A humble and efficient hero in the shadows, who helps to make the work of many small NGOs like ours possible. 

Even though the radiators were donated to us, such a project has a significant financial cost: road transportation, storage, and the cost of renting a locomotive from the Polish railways for a few hours in Medyka.

The other two trucks are planned for January, and their financing relies exclusively on your donations! 

To be continued... and thank you!

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