Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

The context 

We decided to participate in the reconstruction of the village of Moshchun, located 22km from Kyiv. This village is one of the closest to the capital to have been attacked by the Russian army in February 2022.

The battle of Moshchun lasted several weeks (See this excellent report on this subject: https://youtu.be/TictzHOKWyE)In the course of the war, there was heavy fighting involving missile strikes, helicopters, paratroopers, drones, tanks, artillery and close combat. 70% houses were completely destroyed and 30% partially destroyed. 16 villagers died.

Thanks to the defence and bravery of the villagers and the Ukrainian army, Moshchun was never occupied. The Ukrainian victory in the battle of Moshchun was one of the elements that led to the Russian withdrawal from the region.

The current situation

Today, it is slowly recovering. 95% of its population have returned to the village despite very difficult housing conditions, the remaining 5% being soldiers currently at the front. 

Unfortunately, its isolation in the middle of a forest on a road with very little traffic means that the village has little presence on humanitarian aid routes, unlike its infamous neighbours in Bucha and Irpin, which are only a few kilometres away.

We met with the mayor, Vadim, and spoke with him at length about the current situation of his village and its needs, which he explains in this video:

The UN funded the clean-up of land where houses were totally destroyed, and Rotary funded temporary shelters, as seen in the video.

Some villagers were able to rebuild their homes on their personal finances, but they are a minority. The vast majority have lost everything. 

The needs

Now Vadim is looking to fund a pilot project to build a new house to show the big NGOs, who may be funding a large part of the houses, what the villagers can do to rebuild the village. Using local businesses and the active participation of local people, he estimates the cost of this project at 300 euros per m2 . This project would consist of a 100M2 house for several families.  

We decided to accompany him in his fundraising efforts. 

Everyone can help: individuals, companies, but also municipalities, which could enter into a twinning type of partnership with Moshchun. Please contact us if you wish to discuss it. 

N.B.: as far as tax credits are concerned, donations from French taxpayers can be made directly to us, and if you are in the United States we can go through a 501(c)3 charity.

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