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Makariv is a Ukrainian strategic city. In March 2022, the Russian army sought to take over the control a motorway on the edge of the city, which leads straight to Kyiv from the west.

By April 2022, Makariv had become a ghost town after these repeated attacks. Access to the city was forbidden to civilians and journalists by the Ukrainian army. We know what happened next, with the complete liberation of this region by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

At the beginning of the winter, began the systematic destruction of civilian infrastructures by the Russian army, including power plantsUkraine created 4,000 "invincibility points", including some in Makariv. These centres are open 24 hours a day, free of charge, and provide people with heat, medical help and access to the internet.

On November 10th 2022,Thanks to your donations following our call for donationswe delivered 15 stoves, made in Ukraine, worth around 3000€, to several invincibility centres in Makariv. The proximity of the production site to the delivery site allowed us to save on transportation costs.

This first delivery was part of a multi-phase plan, which will take place throughout the winter, as we receive your donations. In the second phase, we will equip two schools in Nikopol. 

During the third phase, we will equip Kryvyï Rih. The stoves will allow people to warm up and cook.

All of this is only possible thanks to your donations, which represent 100% of our organisation's resources. We remind you that all of your donations only goes toward our projects in the field because our entire team is composed of volunteers. We would also like to thank our partners, in particular Peter Nowak who is helping us with the logistics of these projects.

N.B.: We are still collecting donations for the new phases of this project, which will last several months. Thank you for your help.

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