Micro-Humanitarian Instant Impact

Nine months of war, nine months of suffering and desolation, but also of resistance, resilience, courage and hope. 

Ukraine is now in a catastrophic humanitarian situation, including in the liberated areas. Infrastructure, including power plants, has been damaged by the conflict. Many Ukrainians no longer have access to heat, electricity or water. 

Therefore, we must continue our efforts to make up for these shortages, and to provide people with heating. In Ukraine, winter is harsh, with temperatures sometimes reaching -20°C in the Eastern part of the country. Our winter campaign has begun, with a project to help rebuild homes. We will be delivering almost 1,000 hydraulic and electric radiators donated by a generous Italian company, Irsap Spa. This project is already funded and on track.

However, we have another project that is in line with the previously mentioned one: the purchase of diesel generators that will help make up for the lack of electricity.

We need your help to finance this project!

The smallest and cheapest generators (250 a piece) can be used to light a room, power an internet router, and charge cellphones. The medium ones can restore electricity to a whole family. Finally, the larger ones provide heating for several floors, and the 200KVA generators can run drinking water facilities for a whole village. We will focus on 4 power ratings: 2.5Kw, 8.5Kw, 12Kw and 17Kw.

Together, we can do a lot.

The Small Projects Fund was created and is managed by a team of volunteers to help Ukraine. We have developed a network of volunteers on the ground, close to the populations. We are your ambassadors to the victims of the conflict.

Please help us.

Thank you!

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The Small Projects Team is a non-profit humanitarian association registered in France.

RNA NUMBER : W781009595